B.A.R.R.K. -

Dog Re-homing Service : A Moray based charity

S.S.P.C.A. -

They have a small centre in Inverness which is usually full of dogs!

Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue (Grampian) -

We think lurchers make brilliant pets, and greyhounds are good as well! Or try Retired Greyhound Trust

Dealing with Dog Problems -

Although principally aimed at those thinking of re-homing their dog because they cant cope; this site has advise on resolving many dog behaviour issues. 

Cat Protection League -

This is the Local Branch based in Buckie.

Wards Veterinary Centre (Elgin) -

A friendly and professional practise near ASDA

List of Rescue Centres by Breed -

If you're looking for a particular breed then there are a number of possible rescue websites listed on this page.

Pet Informed -

A useful site with the 'layman' answers to quite a few veterinary (and other) questions.